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Wholesale - Independent Living Products, Canada

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Walking and Hiking Stick Walking and Hiking Stick (Package of 3)

Compass and hand-carved whistle

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Reader 2Go - Displayer of 24 Readers 2Go - Displayer of 24

Compact and portable

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Wholesale Extendable Shoe Horn Canada Extendable Shoe Horn - Displayer of 24

An easier and convenient way to slip into your shoes

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Wholesale Paisley Pill Box Canada Paisley Pill Box - Displayer of 24

Compact pill case and mirror

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Wholesale Power Bands Canada TheraStrength Power Bands (Package of 12)

Slimline, Robust, Waterproof

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Wholesale Extendible Back Scratchers Canada Extendable Five Finger Tingler - Displayer of 24

Vibrant Colours - Extendable 24"

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Wholesale Shoe & Boot Jack Canada Shoe & Boot Jack (Package of 12)

Effortless removal of all footwear

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Wholesale Button Up Aid Canada Button Up Aid (Package of 12)

Works Same As Needle Threader

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Wholesale Aqua Gel Massage Insoles Canada Aqua Gel Massage Insoles With Magnets - Displayer of 12

1000 Gauss Magnets In Each Arch  

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Wholesale Thermoheat Car Seat Warmer Canada Thermoheat Car Seat Warmer

Ultimate driving comfort

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Wooden Back Scratcher Wholesale Canada Back Scratcher (Package of 12)

Wooden Handle - Extendable 20"

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Relaxus Extendable Back Scratchers Wholesale Canada Extendable Back Scratchers - Displayer of 25

Vibrant Colours - Extendable 33"

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Relaxus Pick Up & Reaching Tool Wholesale Canada Pick Up & Reaching Tool (Package of 4)

No Bending, Climbing or Straining

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Relaxus Sock Up Aid  Wholesale Canada Sock Up Aid (Package of 6)

Slip Resistant Outer Cover

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Relaxus Car Safety Handle Aid Wholesale Canada Car Safety Handle Aid (Package of 4)

Built-in Powerful LED Flashlight    

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Relaxus Paradise Eyeglass Readers Wholesale Canada Paradise Eyeglass Readers - Prepack of 48

Assorted Colours, Styles & Strengths  

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Relaxus Double Handled Mug Wholesale Canada Double Handled Mug (Package of 3)

Limited Wrist, Hand, Finger Strength

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