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Wholesale - Selenite Crystal Lamps - Selenite Tower, Canada

Unearthed from caves in the Moroccan desert

The ice-like crystal of selenite crystal lamps creates a warm ambiance in any room when light passes through. The ancient, energy healing properties of selenite are ideal for use in any room.

The warm light that radiates from the lamp resembles moonlight, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment. Experience how the selenite lamp cleanses the energy in a room, and creates an aura of positivity, clarity and tranquility.

Lunar Light

The name Selenite means moon stone and is derived from the Greek goddess, Selene. This name was given because of the enchanting way light passes through selenite crystal, resembling the light of the moon.

Positive Energy & Spiritual Clarity

Selenite crystals are known to cleanse the energy in a room, ridding it of negativity and promoting serenity. It’s use can help to balance emotions, clarify spiritual connections and create a calm environment.

Brings Nature Near

Selenite is a crystal form of the mineral Gypsum which has occurred naturally on earth for over 4 million years. Selenite lamps provide the spiritual and mood-lifting benefits of being close to nature.

Luminous decor

Both the natural appearance of selenite crystal and the soft light that selenite crystal lamps give off beautifully compliments any room.

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Positive Energy & Spiritual Clarity

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